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On The Issues

On the Issues


I am a Christian who believes in God.


Member of Ohio Right to Life – I believe in the sanctity of life.


I am the only candidate who has successfully owned and operated a small Lima business and then went on to successfully lead one of the Midwest’s largest Convenience Store Companies as the Chief Operating Officer.

My business experience is inclusive but not limited to formulating and managing a multi-million dollar budget, economic development, job creation, construction of new stores, successful negotiations with a number of the largest corporations in America and successfully increasing business even during the recession era.

As a lifelong successful businessman, I will lead Lima with a new vigorous, cooperative approach to economic development that will result in private sector investment ultimately providing Lima residents with good paying jobs.

Lima’s current Administration’s encumbering rules, regulations and departmental non-responsiveness discourages not only investors, economic development and business growth but also has negative effects resulting in escalating costs to perspective and existing businesses.

In a Keith Cheney Administration the current practice in Lima of “Business at the speed of Government” will not be acceptable and will be replaced with “Welcome to Lima where Government operates at the speed of Business!”

Crime                                                                                                                          Crime in Lima is out of control.  In 2016, Lima reached a 10 year high in murders.  Shootings continue at an alarming rate putting innocent citizens and law enforcement officers at risk.

Over the past nearly 30 years Lima has become a bastion for drug dealers who have taken over our streets to apply their trade.  They have ruined good neighborhoods and their drugs continue to kill too many in our City. Serious crimes committed in Lima such as murder, rape, assault and armed robbery are directly related to drugs.  As your Mayor, Keith Cheney will not tolerate the drug dealing thugs to continue to control Lima and will address the stranglehold that Heroin has on many of Lima’s citizens.

The Lima Police Department has not been at authorized strength for years, the Detective Bureau is virtually operating at 1950’s staffing level,  and minority officers are almost non-existent.  This is not acceptable to Keith Cheney and certainly not conducive to winning the war on crime.

Protecting Lima’s citizens is a premier responsibility of the Mayor and Keith Cheney understands that.  Keith’s comprehensive plan will take an aggressive and active roll in fighting crime and will Make Lima Safe Again!

Housing                                                                                                                   Over the past nearly 30 years housing conditions have seriously deteriorated throughout Lima and home values have depreciated.  Home ownership has dramatically decreased and rental properties have increased.

Professional landlords have done a wonderful job at providing housing for our City’s non-homeowner residents. However, for nearly 30 years out of county and out of state slumlords have been allowed and encouraged to operate in Lima.  Countless rental properties are in desperate need of repair and although Lima citizens are paying good rent money the slumlords who don’t care about Lima do nothing to maintain their rental properties.

As your Mayor, Keith Cheney will demand landlords be held accountable for the condition of their rental properties in Lima and slumlords will exit.  Also, Keith will provide an avenue for renters to register their legitimate complaints thus providing them with a voice they currently do not have.

A Keith Cheney Administration will justifiably utilize code enforcement to clean up all neighborhoods and will discontinue selective code enforcement.

Keith has a plan which will partner the private and public sector to assist the elderly, disabled and Veterans on limited income who have home repair needs, but cannot afford them, to bring their residence up to acceptable standards.

Safety Services                                                                                                       The men and women of our Police and Fire Departments deserve the best equipment and training available.  They risk their lives to protect our citizens and our properties.  As the son of a 29 year Veteran of the Allen County Sheriff’s Department and the son-in-law, brother-in-law and uncle of firefighters, Keith has a deep respect for those serving and will be a Mayor they can count on.

The current Mayor has closed two fire stations resulting in extended emergency response times ultimately placing citizens life’s and properties at risk.  Keith Cheney will never support the closure of a fire station without replacement and will support the placement of new fire stations to properly protect our citizens.

In a Keith Cheney Administration both the Lima Police Department and Lima Fire Department will operate at full authorized strength.

Open Door Policy                                                                                                    As voters of Lima you elect City Councilors to represent your respective Ward and each one of them should have access to the Mayor.  The current Mayor selects which City Councilors have access to him and that is unacceptable.  Keith Cheney will allow all City Councilors the same opportunities to have their concerns heard and their constituents’ needs met.

Keith Cheney as Mayor of Lima will be Accessible and Accountable.

A Better Lima For All!